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Agroporos Animal Origin  Organic Liquid Fertilizer with  Amino Acids



Organic Matter: 55%

Organic Carbon (C): 12%

Organic Nitrogen (N): 8%

Free Amino Acids: 3

pH: 7-9

MoreAmin (Starter) 1lt.

SKU: 0007
€ 6,00 Regular Price
€ 5,40Sale Price
  • AURA 6 is a liquid organic fertilizer containing high quality amino acids that can be taken up by plants. MoreAmin is a completely organic product with its macro and micro elements and has been developed to improve the structure of the soil and increase plant and crop productivity. The unique and effective content of the product, state-of-the-art production technologies and high-quality raw materials always make it superior to similar products.

  • After the payment of your order is confirmed, your product is delivered to the cargo within an average of 5 to 10 business days. (Delivery time and conditions may vary during campaign periods and public holidays.

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