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Privacy Policy

AGROPOROS ORGANIC FERTILIZER AGRICULTURE HAYV. INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. In this text, we have explained how we process and protect the data of our valued customers, who benefit from e-commerce shopping websites and mobile applications associated with these websites.

Which personal data do you transmit to us?

a) Your identity information such as your name and surname,

b) Your contact information such as your addresses, e-mail address and telephone number,

c) Your financial information such as credit card, bank account,

d) Your shopping, shopping history information,

e) Your marketing information,

f) Your wishes, complaints and reputation management information,

When your personal data that you have disclosed completely in line with your personal preference (such as commenting on the product, publicly sharing your thoughts, making suggestions, name, surname, gender, age) are shared, it is considered that you have given your explicit consent to the processing of this data and all responsibility for the accuracy of this information is on you. belongs.

AGROPOROS ORGANIC FERTILIZER AGRICULTURE HAYV. INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. You can find the clarification texts of the person group to which you belong in the KVKK tab.

Please review our cookie policy for the data we collect within the scope of our cookie policy.

2. Why do we collect your personal data?

We get to know you better by processing the data you transmit to us, and we are constantly improving our product and marketing activities in order to provide you with the best quality service in line with your needs. This data is both provided to us directly by you and automatically collected through cookies as you visit our website. Thanks to your collected data, we communicate with you through the communication means you allow and share product catalogues, materials for product promotion and marketing. When necessary, we reach you by phone within the scope of customer satisfaction, or if you wish, you can reach us from the phone numbers announced on our website and convey all your requests and complaints. In this direction, we try to create statistical data, conduct market research, and provide products that will meet your needs in line with your preferences in order to increase your needs and service quality.

Your personal data is not shared with anyone except for your permission and legal obligations and is stored as confidential information. In this direction, all kinds of data you transmit to us are protected within the scope of current security measures by following current technological developments. If your personal data is captured by unauthorized persons despite all the precautions taken, we will immediately notify our member and the competent authorities.

3. With whom do we share your personal data?

Your information is shared with the suppliers, business partners and authorized persons, institutions and organizations we work with, in order to achieve the purpose described above and to fulfill legal obligations.

4. Information about third parties on the website

We also work with third parties for the services we provide to you. The privacy policy of these individuals may differ from our policy. For this reason, we recommend that you review the privacy policies of the relevant persons.

5. Your requests on your information

You can always contact us and ask for your data to be deleted if you do not want it to be kept. We agree that you will stop storing your data and make it inaccessible by deleting it, unless required by legal obligation. If you apply to us and state that you do not want your data to be stored, we undertake to delete, destroy or anonymize data that is not necessary for the operation of our system and that we do not have to keep as required by law, or for which the periods prescribed by law have expired, under the conditions and methods stipulated in the relevant legislation.

6. Your e-mail consent

You can always unsubscribe from our electronic communication mailing list without any obligation, and request that the electronic communication tools we send to you for advertising purposes cease to be used. We will not send you e-mails, SMS, etc. for advertising/marketing purposes without confirming our electronic marketing confirmation text.

In this privacy policy, always AGROPOROS ORGANIK GÜBRE TARIM HAYV. INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. Changes can be made without prior notice and this change will be announced on our website and sent to the e-mail address you specified when you registered.

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